How to replace a lost key for a Suzuki motorbike

Suzuki GB

If you've lost both keys to your Suzuki motorbike, the easiest way to solve this most common of bike problems is with the small metal key tag that came with the motorbike keys at the time of purchase.

A locksmith may be able to create a new key that fits the lock, but many contemporary bikes have an electronically coded ignition; the key must have an electronic chip in it, with the proper code, in order to start the bike. The numbered code on the key tag gives the dealership the information they need to order you a new key with the proper coding.

Locate the small metal key tag provided with your motorcycle keys at the time of sale. If you bought the motorbike second hand, and the tag did not come with it, check inside the owner's manual. Sometimes the original owner will have recorded the key code there.

Provide the number on the key tag to your nearest Suzuki dealership. They will use this to order one pre-cut key for you.

Buy a duplicate key from the dealership at the same time you pick up the replacement key. They'll be able to provide the correct electronic coding so that if you have an electronically coded ignition, both the duplicate and the new original key will work.