How to Make a Kid's Battery-Powered Car Go Faster

toy car image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Kids' battery powered cars are popular toys that children love to careen around their backyards and driveways. They improve hand-eye coordination and provide hours of entertainment. As your child gets older and becomes more comfortable driving his car, he may wish to make it go a little faster.

He needs an adult to help him determine how to make it go faster and make the appropriate changes to the car.

Charge the battery. Batteries become weaker as they lose their charge. If the car is going slowly, the battery may need to be charged.

Replace the battery. Older batteries lose their charges more quickly than new batteries and may not be as powerful.

Remove the governor. Many children's battery powered cars have a governor installed when it is purchased. Removing it will allow the car to travel faster.

Remove unnecessary objects from the car. If your child likes to carry toys or other objects in the car, the additional weight may cause it to move slowly. Do not remove any part placed on the car by the manufacturer.