How to Transfer All Contacts to a Motorola SIM Card

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Motorola manufactures many cell phones that are programmed to work on GSM networks with a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. On most Motorola phones, the SIM card is inserted into a designated slot beneath the battery. You can use a SIM card to back up your phone book contacts.

Press "Menu" to open the phone's main menu. Use the navigational keys to highlight and select "Address Book."

Press "Options." A menu will open. Highlight "Select Multiple To" and press "OK."

Select "Copy Phone To SIM." You will then be routed back to your address book entries. Use the navigational keys to scroll through and highlight entries. Press "OK" on each entry you wish to transfer to the SIM. A check will appear in the check box. Alternatively, you may press "Options" and choose "Select All" to copy all entries at once.

Press "Done," then choose "Yes" at the "Continue" screen. Leave your phone on as the entries are transferred. This could take a few moments.

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