How to unlock a free web proxy

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Free Web proxies help Internet users dealing with browsing restrictions. Through a free Web proxy, you are able to bypass any filters and locks stemming from Internet-filtering software established by network administrators. Such Internet-filtering software also locks free Web proxies to keep users from navigating to restricted websites; however, sometimes users may need to use a free Web proxy to access informational and useful websites that are mistakenly being restricted. Luckily, if a free Web proxy you had previously used becomes locked, you can unlock another one by visiting websites that display lists of free Web proxies.

Navigate to the Free Web Proxy List website to access a free Web proxy (see Resource section). The list displays a wide assortment of free Web proxy servers that you can use for your Internet browsing activities. This website also displays the free Web proxy sites by location and IP address, and it also features the URL address for each free Web proxy so you can access it easily by simply clicking on the address to be redirected.

Access a free Web proxy by browsing through the list of proxy options displayed on the TopBits Web page (see Resource section). This website features a large number of free Web proxy sites that are updated on a regular basis. The list of free Web proxies available on the TopBits Web page includes information about URL, speed, country of origin, amount of hits each proxy has received and the amount of time each free Web proxy has been online. Click on a free proxy you would like to use and begin browsing the Net without restrictions.

Visit the AtProxy official website and choose from any of the free Web proxy sites featured therein (see Resource section). AtProxy keeps an up-to-date list of free proxy sites that can be used to bypass any restrictions originating from any type of filtering software. In this site, the free Web proxy sites are characterised by the age or amount of time each proxy has been online and by the hits each proxy has received, plus the URL address for each proxy is also displayed so you can access it easily and begin surfing the Net without limits.

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