How to Clean Coffee off a Sheepskin Rug

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You can clean coffee off a sheepskin rug by acting quickly before the stain fully sets in. The natural wool fibres of the sheepskin rub absorb the colour of the coffee and stain if they are left to dry. Specialised shampoo products are designed to gently clean and condition sheepskin rugs without causing any damage. Attack every coffee spill right away to protect the look of a sheepskin rug and keep your house looking clean.

Fold a large white towel and slide it under the area of the sheepskin rug where the coffee was spilt. Press a second white towel into the spilt coffee. Move to a new position on each towel and continue pressing until no more coffee comes out.

Add the manufacturer's recommended amount of sheepskin shampoo and a couple cups of 90-degree water to a bowl.

Dip the bristles of a soft brush into the shampoo mixture in the bowl and lift them above the bowl to allow the excess moisture to drip off.

Clean the coffee spill area on the sheepskin rug with the soft brush using light pressure and a tight circular motion. Move on to the next area of the spill when you notice a good lather is developing. Moisten the brush in the bowl of shampoo if it gets dry.

Dump out the contents of the bowl and refill it with two more cups of 90-degree water. Rinse the soft brush and get it wet in the clean warm water.

Repeat the process of applying light pressure and brushing in a circular motion to rinse out the suds. Rinse the brush under running water before returning it to the warm water bowl each time.

Dab a clean white towel into the cleaned and rinsed area on the sheepskin rug. Allow the rug to dry by laying completely flat in a cool, dark and dry part of the house.

Brush the dried wool fibres of the sheepskin rug with a rigid wire brush to give them a uniform look before the rug is put back in position on the floor.

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