How to Clean Pigskin Leather

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Pigskin leather is used to manufacture a number of items. Examples include book covers, blazers, jackets, skirts and wallets. Pigskin leather is soft, medium-weight leather. Clothing made from the leather requires occasional cleaning.

Book covers and wallets may also require cleaning and conditioning occasionally to keep them in good shape. Pigskin leather quickly dries out and cracks. Condition pigskin leather items after every cleaning. Improper cleaning and conditioning methods can result in irrevocable damage to the surface of the leather. Pigskin leather items are often on the expensive side; you can avoid wasting your money with an appropriate cleaning plan.

Measure and pour 1 cup of cold water into a medium-size bowl. Add 2 tsp of fragrance-free baby shampoo to the water. Thoroughly mix the shampoo and water to make a gentle leather cleaning solution.

Place the soiled pigskin leather item on a clean, flat surface such as a table or countertop.

Place a lint-free, soft cloth in the bowl of leather cleaning solution. Once the cloth is wet, remove it from the bowl and wring the excess cleaning solution out. Do not use a dripping wet cloth. Excess water can leave water stains on the item.

Wipe the pigskin leather item with the damp cloth. Do not rub. Rubbing scrapes the leather away and results in a non-uniform surface. Wipe each area of the item in the same direction. Turn the item over as needed.

Rinse the cloth in the cleaning solution as the cloth lifts away dirt. Wring the cloth out.

Wipe each area of the item again. Wipe in a direction opposite than before.

Rinse the cloth in the leather cleaning solution, and continue to clean the pigskin leather item until it is no longer soiled.

Use a dry, lint free towel to blot the item dry.

Pour a small amount of mink oil onto a clean, lint-free cloth. Gently rub the oil over the entire surface of the cleaned leather item.

Use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe any excess mink oil from the surface of the leather.