How to Replace Hyundai Light Bulbs

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Hyundais are known for being compact, affordable and inexpensive to repair. You will need to replace the light bulbs on the Hyundai when they burn out or when installing aftermarket light bulbs to enhance the visibility of the headlight.

Replacing the bulbs on the Hyundai is fairly straightforward takes about 10 minutes. Make sure the light bulbs are cool before removing them from the vehicle. The lights bulbs are encased in the Hyundai's headlights.

Open the bonnet of the Hyundai and remove the two bolts located at the top of both headlights, using a ratchet wrench, counterclockwise.

Pull the headlights away from the Hyundai and detach the headlights from the guide-pin ball sockets.

Pull and detach the power cord and the black rubber found behind the headlights, to gain access to the light bulbs.

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Push and squeeze the wire located behind the light bulbs and pull out the light bulbs from the headlights and insert the new light bulbs. Put latex gloves on your hands to avoid getting dirt and oil on the bulbs.

Repeat the steps in reverse to reattach all components.

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