How to put conditioner in permanent hair colour

hair dyeing image by Mikhail Malyshev from

The UK gets through 100 million hair dye kits a year. Permanent hair colour can help you achieve your desired shade of hair, but it can also be stressing on hair. The permanent dye actually penetrates into the hair and strips the hair of its natural colour, replacing the natural colour with dye. Over time, this can cause extreme damage to your hair. By adding conditioner to permanent dye before applying it, you can protect your hair and prevent some damage.

Choose your conditioner. Leave-in conditioners work best as these untangle and nourish hair, and also protects it from harsh permanent dyes. These conditioners work by providing more nutritive ingredients to hair than conditioning products that are rinsed out.

Prepare your hair dye. The instructions on home hair colouring kits can vary from one brand to the next, so read the instructions completely before getting started.

Squeeze one to two tbsps. of conditioner into the prepared hair dye.

Mix the conditioner in with the hair dye thoroughly. The dye is now ready and you can follow through with the dying process.

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