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How to unencrypt zip files

Updated April 17, 2017

A ZIP file, also known as an archive file, is a compressed file type that allows many files to be compressed into one. ZIP files save space by taking less memory on the computer and make file transfer easier. An encrypted ZIP file requires a password in order to be opened. If the password for an encrypted ZIP file is lost or is not known, there are several programs that can unencrypt ZIP files.

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  1. Use ZIPReader. ZIPReader allows you to decrypt ZIP files. Download ZIPReader from the Internet at Install ZIPReader onto your computer. Open the ZIPReader program, click on "Select archives to Extract," select the encrypted ZIP file, click "Open" and the encrypted file will be unencrypted.

  2. Use Ultimate ZIP Cracker. Ultimate ZIP Cracker allows you to find passwords for encrypted ZIP files. Go to the website and download a free-trial of Ultimate Zip Cracker. Install Ultimate ZIP Cracker onto your computer and open up the program. Click on "Browse" and select an encrypted ZIP file. Click "Open" and once the file is selected click "Start." Ultimate ZIP Cracker will then give you the first five letters of the password for the encrypted file. You will have to purchase the program to unencrypt ZIP files with passwords that are longer than five characters.

  3. Use IZArc. IZArc is a program that allows you to find passwords for encrypted archives. Download the program from the IZArc website at Install the program onto your computer and run the program. Click on "Tools" then click on "Decrypt." Click on the open folder icon to the right of the "Encrypted File" field and select a ZIP file to unencrypt. Select a destination path and click on "Decrypt" to unencrypt the file.

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