How to Tan With Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has long been a preferred tanning oil because---in addition to being an excellent tanning aide---coconut oil contains nutrients that are good for the skin. Coconut oil and tanning oil in general speeds up the tanning process by increasing the amount of sunlight absorbed by the skin.

Coconut oil can provide a deep and durable tan when applied evenly before you go tanning.

Apply body wash to a loofah, and scrub your skin before you go tanning. Exfoliation will allow your tan to last longer, as it removes the uppermost layer of dead skin from the surface, allowing a newer layer of skin to be tanned and prohibiting that top layer from blocking the sun's rays.

Rub coconut oil evenly over the skin in the areas you want to tan.

Lie out in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes. Do not remain outside in direct sunlight for much longer than this---especially if you do not have a base tan---or you risk getting burnt. Do not exceed two hours of tanning. Make sure to turn over frequently so you can tan your front and back.

Wipe excess coconut oil off your skin with a towel after you are done tanning.

Apply moisturiser liberally to the skin after tanning to prevent the skin from becoming excessively dry.