The dangers of imedeen tan optimizer

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Imedeen Tan Optimizer is a daily oral supplement from Ferrosan, a Danish pharmaceutical company. According to the company website, the product's ingredients help your body increase melanin production to improve its ability to tan in the sun, while at the same time reducing redness caused by sun sensitivity.

Ferrosan asserts that all Tan Optimizer ingredients are natural and have been tested and found to be safe. However, the product can cause problems for some users.

False Sense of Sun Security

Perhaps the most important thing to know about Imedeen Tan Optimizer pills is that this product is not a sunscreen. If you choose to use this product and expose your skin to the sun, know that you are exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays, which are known to cause skin cancer. For your health, limit your sun exposure and use a full-spectrum, high-SPF sunscreen.

Possible Allergic Reaction

While the ingredients of Imedeen Tan Optimizer are derived from natural sources, have been thoroughly tested and are safe for human consumption, these supplements contain soy and fish products. Those who are allergic to soy or fish may have a reaction to the product and are advised not to use it.

Skin Reaction or Breakouts

Some users report outbreaks of small pimples or minor skin reactions when taking Imedeen Tan Optimizer. While these side effects are not necessarily dangerous, they are certainly unwanted. If you experience similar effects, expect them to clear up within four weeks. If the pimples or skin reactions persist after four weeks, discontinue using Imedeen Tan Optimizer.