How Do I Replace the License Plate Light on a Ford Focus?

The number plate lights on a Ford Focus provide other drivers with a clear view of the rear number plate in dark lighting conditions. In the 2000-2007 models, they are mounted inside the boot lid directly above the number plate. In 2008-2011 models, they are part of the plastic bumper located below the boot lid.

Regardless of the year, the replacement procedure is the same. Replacement bulbs are available from auto-parts and hardware stores.

Shut down the engine and turn the key to the "OFF" position. Place the vehicle in park or first gear (manual transmission). Set the parking brake.

Insert a flathead screwdriver between the number plate lamp housing and the bumper or boot lid. Carefully pry out the number plate lamp housing.

Remove the damaged bulb from the lamp housing. Install the new bulb into the lamp housing.

Press the number plate lamp housing back into the bumper or boot lid until it is fully seated.

Turn on the headlamps and verify that the number plate lamp illuminates.