How to Install an RX8 Front Plate Holder

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The Mazda RX8 is known for its unique rotary engine and distinctive design. One element of the design that can be difficult to work with is its large, honeycombed front grill, which has almost no space on which to mount a number plate. As many countries require front and back number plates, knowing how to install an RX8 front plate holder is crucial to legal driving of the Mazda RX8.

Set the Mazda RX8 front plate holder against the grill of the vehicle.

Align the four cylindrical, recessed portions of the holder with the matching bolt holes behind the grill.

Screw the bolts included with the kit through the front plate holder into the bolt holes with a Phillips screwdriver.

Hold a number plate in place over the front plate holder and screw bolts through the plate into the two metal bolt holes in the front plate holder.

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