How to Contact Napster by Phone

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Owned by Best Buy, Napster gives you access to millions of complete songs you can listen to on demand. Napster also gives you song credits so that you can download and own the songs you like. You have to become a monthly paying member to use the Napster service. You won't see the phone number to Napster on the Napster website. However, you can find the Napster phone number on other websites if you need to speak with someone.

Go to Contact Help (see Resources). Type "Napster" in the search box located near the top of the screen. Click "Search." The Napster number will appear in the search results. Call the phone number (1-800-839-4210), and follow the prompts to get a live person on the phone.

Go to Sonos Customer Help (see Resources). Input "Napster" into the box where it says "Search for Keyword." Click on "Napster Support and Contacts." Scroll down to see the Napster toll-free number, 1-800-839-4210, at the bottom of the screen.

Go to Get Human (see Resources). Type "Napster" in the search box. Dial the number (1-800-839-4210) that shows up next to "Napster" in the search results.

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