How to Change Headlight Bulbs in a Xantia

Lincoln navigator headlight image by Jorge Moro from

The Xantia is a family-sized vehicle produced first in 1992 by French automaker Citroen. The car contained some unique features not seen in many other vehicles at the time, such as a keypad immobiliser. The Citroen series were known for their hydraulic suspension which, in the Xantia, made for a superior drive and very smooth suspension. Much regular maintenance on the Xantia can be done by the owner, including changing the headlight bulbs.

Note that there are two bulbs within the main headlight. The outermost bulb (closer to the turn signal) is the low-beam headlight bulb and the innermost bulb is the high-beam headlight bulb.

Open the bonnet and secure it with the metal bracket. In the engine compartment behind the headlights, you will note the wire attachments leaning to the bulb compartment. The outermost attachment is for the turn signal bulbs and the inner plug attachment is for the main headlights in the larger headlight casing.

Press the two retaining clips on ether side of the plastic plug socket to pull the electric plug attachments away from the main fitting. Depress the retaining clips to release the back casing of the bulb. The spring clip and bulb will come out of the socket.

Retract the bulb from the socket. When you handle the new bulb, do so using a clean cloth or tissue. Finger marks on bulbs can eventually damage the glass. Place the new bulb into the socket and situate it back into the hole. It will settle in with a gentle push as the retainers set into the clips.

Replace any other headlight bulb the same way, if you are replacing both low- and high-beam bulbs.

Plug the power end of the bulb connector back into the socket and replace the retaining clips. The headlight casing will now be situated back in position.

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