How to Clean a HP Laserjet 4L Printer

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The Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4L printer was a type of printer that used laser printing technology to render electronic images to paper. It has since been discontinued. As with all types of printers, the Laserjet 4L series of printers experienced a decrease in quality of performance with regular use. To correct this problem, you must run a cleaning utility.

Click "Start" on your taskbar and select "Search." Type in "HPPCLEAN.EXE."

Double click the file HPPCLEAN.EXE to launch the cleaning utility. The main screen will appear.

Select "CLEAN" from the command bar. The "Print" window will appear.

Specify that you want to clean your HP LaserJet 4L printer by selecting the printer's icon. Click "OK."

Select the number of cleaning pages you want to print. The default is set to three pages. However, if your printer is very dirty, HP recommends increasing this to between six and 20, depending on your cleaning needs. Select "OK" to begin the cleaning process.

Take the cleaning pages from the output tray once all pages have been printed. They each should have a black stripe printed across them. Place them in tray 1 with the black stripe facing down. Press "OK" to feed the pages into the printer once more.

Discard the cleaning pages from the output tray. Click "OK," then "EXIT."

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