How to clean a satellite dish to improve reception

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Proper maintenance of your satellite dish is imperative to maintain a strong signal. Cleaning your satellite dish is as simple as using your garden hose or, for caked-on dirt, your pressure washer. You cannot damage your dish by cleaning it, so consider doing this yourself instead of spending money on a technician. Your dish can be clean in a matter of minutes.

Attach a jet spray nozzle to your garden hose and turn on the water.

Start cleaning the dish with the jet spray. Aim the water stream at the flat side of the dish that faces the sky. After cleaning the face of the dish, look for the LNB, this is the box that faces the dish. Clean the side that is facing the middle of the dish with your water stream.

Use your pressure washer if there is more buildup that is not coming off with your garden hose. Sweep across the dish with your pressure nozzle making sure to target the buildup. Use pressure washer soap with your pressure washer soap bottle attachment, if desired, since this will not hurt the dish in any way.

Rinse off the soap once applied, with your pressure washer set to water only. You can use your dish after cleaning, there is no need to dry it off.

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