How to Fix a Jawbone That Won't Charge

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A Jawbone is a Bluetooth headset. It is powered by a rechargeable, internal coin-cell battery. When the headset battery is running low, the LED indicator light will flash red and a beep will emit from the headset. When this occurs, immediately recharge the headset to prevent it from going dead. If the Jawbone will not recharge, the charging cord or the battery may be dead. Troubleshooting can help you determine which is the problem.

Press the "Ans/End" button for three seconds to turn the unit off.

Plug the Jawbone into the USB cord. The back of the headset plugs fits completely into the large outlet on the USB cord.

Plug the opposite end of the cord into a USB outlet on a computer. Turn the computer on to begin supply power and charging the unit. Alternatively, the Jawbone is sold with an electrical power adaptor. Plug the USB cord into the outlet on the power adaptor. Plug the adaptor into a working electrical socket. The LED indicator light will turn red, indicating the unit is charging. If the LED light does not turn on, attempt a different outlet or USB port. If the LED light still will not turn on, the charging cord is likely damaged or defective and needs to be replaced.

Remove the Jawbone from the charging cord when the red LED charging light turns white, indicating the battery is fully charged. Press the "Ans/End" button for three seconds to turn the unit on. Proceed to Step 4 if the unit will not turn on. If the unit turns on, the battery has successfully charged.

Insert the metal end of the earloop into the "Reset" hole. The "Reset" hole is the centre hole on the backside of the unit. Hold the button down for 10 seconds, before removing the earloop. The unit has now been reset to factory settings. Attempt to recharge the battery. If the battery still doesn't recharge or power the unit, it is likely dead. Unfortunately, there is no way to replace the internal battery once it has died. The entire headset must be replaced.

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