How to Get Nail Polish Off Your Laptop

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Nail polish has ingredients to cause the pigment to dry and remain on your nails until it wears off or is removed. An accidental nail polish spill on any surface can cause a messy stain. When nail polish stains end up on your laptop they must be cleaned off carefully to avoid damaging the laptop.

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Blot freshly spilt nail polish off the laptop; pressing a paper towel against the spill. Discard soiled paper towels and continue to blot with a clean one, until you've removed as much of the wet nail polish as possible.

Remove wet nail polish from in between keys on the keyboard and other grooves by wiping it up with a dry cotton swab. Toss out the cotton swab as soon as it's covered with nail polish, and change to a fresh swab.

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Clean the areas where you've removed wet nail polish by wiping them with paper towels and cotton swabs dampened with nail polish remover. Use these materials to remove dried nail polish left on the laptop. Throw away soiled towels and cotton swabs and continue cleaning the surface with fresh ones.

Spray a paper towel with all-purpose cleaner. Wipe down the surface of the laptop to remove nail polish remover residue. Turn a hairdryer onto the cold air setting and hold it one foot away from the laptop. Aim the cool air at the surface for a few minutes to aid in the drying process.

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