How to Take Apart an Eclipse Keyboard

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The Saitek Eclipse keyboard is a blue, backlit keyboard that provides easy key readability in low light and nighttime settings. The Eclipse is an external keyboard that connects to a computer via its USB cable. Taking apart the keyboard by removing its individual keys and its front and back covers is a process that isn't as delicate as it may seem. You can disassemble your Saitek Eclipse keyboard in your home or office without any special tools and you don't need familiarity with computer part disassembly.

Disconnect your Saitek Eclipse keyboard from your computer.

Take a flathead screwdriver and begin prying the keys off the keyboard. Use the tip of the screwdriver to pry under one of the edges of each key while you gently lay a finger of your other hand on the top of the key to prevent it from flying off the keyboard. Some keys will require more prying than others.

Ensure that you have removed each key along the top of the keyboard. Collect all these and set them aside.

Wipe away any food particles, dust and debris that were trapped under the keys. You may also choose to use a damp rag to wipe out the keyboard.

Use a cotton swab to get in between key sockets to remove any other unwanted particles while you have the opportunity.

Turn the keyboard over and look along the back of the Saitek Eclipse for the different screws holding the cover in place. Remove each of these screws using a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Pry the Saitek Eclipse keyboard's back cover off now that it is loose. This will expose the internal components of the keyboard.

Turn the Saitek Eclipse keyboard over and pull up on the black cover that runs around where the keys formerly resided. This will lift up and out now that the back cover is gone.

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