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How to Send Postcards From Foreign Countries

Updated April 12, 2017

When travelling abroad, you often want to send home a little piece of the country you are visiting. It is popular for travellers to send postcards to their friends and family back home to tell them about the amazing time they are having. Sending postcards from a foreign country requires the right postage, address and drop-off point for their delivery to be successful.

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  1. Purchase postcards from gift shops or stands at local markets in the country you are visiting. Look for postcards that have vibrant photos of a landmark that you saw or an event that you attended. Write a note on the opposite side about the photo to your loved ones back home telling them all you have seen.

  2. Address the postcard appropriately. Use the correct format for an address in your home country, but be sure to write your home country's name in full below the address. This will ensure that the post office is aware that your postcard is destined for another country. For a full list of foreign address formats, use the link posted in the Resources section of this article.

  3. Visit the local post office. Use the Internet or a guidebook to learn the foreign word for "post office." Ask locals to direct you to the correct location, or consult a tourist map and look for the post office, which is usually marked by the symbol of an envelope.

  4. Present your postcard to the post office clerk and request an air mail stamp. Pay for the stamp in foreign currency or use an automated machine from which you can often purchase stamps.

  5. Give your stamped postcard to the post office clerk or place it in the designated letter box. Some post offices have separate boxes for each country of destination, while others will only have one box for air mail.

  6. Tip

    Many famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower in France and Table Mountain in South Africa, have mailboxes nearby where you can deposit postcards. Many foreign banks and hotel concierge desks also sell stamps and deposit letters.

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Things You'll Need

  • Postcard
  • Stamps

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