How to Change the Ink in an Epson DX4400

The Epson Stylus DX4400 is an integrated all-in-one printer that prints high-resolution colour and black and white documents and photos. It works both as an all-in-one printer with your computer and as an independent photocopier and scanner. It uses DuraBrite Ultra Ink; Epson estimates that you will need to change the ink every three to six months depending on whether you primarily print photos or documents.

Turn on your printer. It does not need to be attached to your computer to change the ink. Check the blinking lights on the left panel that indicate which colours of ink need to be replaced.

Open the printer by gripping the handle under the front of the copier tray while the copier tray lid is closed and pulling up. The ink tray will automatically centre when you open the copier tray. The ink cartridges will already be exposed as there is no tray cover.

Remove the old ink by gripping each side and pulling straight up. Place the old ink cartridges in a sealed bag and recycle them by sending them to a recycling centre (see your Epson ink box for info).

Shake the new ink cartridges a few times before removing all packaging from them, including the thin plastic tab on the bottom of the cartridge. Put in the new ink by putting it in the colour-coded slot in the ink tray and pushing down until you hear a click.

Close the copier tray lid and wait a minute or two before printing a test page.

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