How to Connect a Toshiba Laptop to an LCD TV

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Toshiba laptops are equipped with several types of connection ports for hooking up components to the computer. The high-definition media interface (HDMI) port on the back edge of the laptop provides a straight connection to an LCD (liquid crystal display) flat-screen TV. The pins inside the six-sided HDMI plug transmit high-definition video and multichannel digital audio in a single cable that takes less than a minute to connect between the Toshiba and an LCD TV set.

Turn off the LCD TV and shut down the Toshiba laptop.

Insert the plug on one side of the HDMI cable into the single HDMI port on the left edge of the Toshiba. The plug inserts in one direction only, by turning the longer edge upward to match the orientation of the port on the laptop.

Connect the plug on the other end of the cable in the same way to one of the ports on the LCD TV, which may be equipped with two or more HDMI ports.

Turn on the Toshiba and the LCD set, then press the "Input" button on the television remote to toggle through the different connection jacks until the TV reaches the HDMI port that connects it with the Toshiba. For example, if the laptop is plugged into the TV's "HDMI 2" port, press the "Input" button until "HDMI 2" flashes on the LCD screen and the Toshiba display appears on the LCD.

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