How to view divorce records for free

A judge oversees and rules in even the simplest divorce proceedings. Once the ruling is in place, the district court clerk maintains a file for the divorce records, including the court order and supporting documents. These divorce records are public records, which means that anyone can view them at no charge.

The court clerk’s office allows you to view the records either in the office in person or online.

Determine where the divorce proceedings took place, which is usually the county where the spouses lived together. Go the district court clerk’s office for the county where the divorce took place during public office hours.

Explain to the office attendant that you need to view the records of a divorce proceeding that occurred in that county. Give the attendant any information you have on the proceedings, including the names of the spouses, the dates and the court docket number.

Follow the attendant into the court clerk’s viewing room to sit and examine the divorce records. Take notes if necessary.

Determine what county the divorce proceedings occurred in, which is usually the county that the spouses last lived in as a married couple. Access the district county clerk’s official webpage on your computer’s Internet browser.

Open the online records database, which is usually accessible through a link on the side bar menu. Click “Accept” or “Agree” to agree to any terms and conditions to accessing public records through the online system.

Enter the information you have on the divorce proceedings in the search fields, including the names, date of births and court docket number. Click “Search.” Browse the search results for the divorce records you are seeking. View the information in the records and take notes if necessary.