How to Make My Sofa More Comfortable

sofa image by Dmitry Nikolaev from

The sofa may be the most used piece of furniture in a house. Whether it's to lie down and read a book, or sit with your family and watch a movie, your couch must be comfortable for maximum enjoyment.

If your couch cushions are hard due to the couch itself, or if it's worn out and needs to be spiffed up a bit, restoring your couch and making it a place that you love to be is easier and less expensive than purchasing a new sofa.

Refill the sofa cushions. This is the best solution if they are saggy. Filling them will make your sofa much more comfortable. Unless you are experienced, take the cushions to an upholsterer. The filling is generally made of a polyester blend.

Reupholster your sofa. This is the best solution when your couch is uncomfortable due to the material on it. Perhaps choose a microfiber fabric. Just remove the old fabric and have the new fabric sewn on. This is also best done by a professional, but you could do it yourself.

Add comfortable throw pillows to your sofa. To make it aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable, choose pillows in bright colours and prints. Place three or four of them on your sofa. Place larger ones in the corners to lean against while relaxing on your couch.

Place a soft throw blanket on your sofa. Leave it folded up at the corner of your sofa and hang over the back of the couch. Choose a blanket that coordinates well with your couch.