How to Clean Pebbled Leather

leather image by Zbigniew Nowak from

Pebbled leather has a beautiful appearance and an interesting texture. But like all forms of leather, pebbled leather must be properly cleaned and cared for in order to retain its lustre.

Taking the time to clean your pebbled leather properly can also lengthen its life and prevent those leather accessories from looking old before their time.

Purchase a leather cleaner designed for use with pebbled and textured leathers. This will ensure that the cleaner you use will not harm the delicate leather surfaces.

Dampen a soft cloth and dip it in the leather cleaner. Work up a good lather on the cloth and rub it thoroughly into the leather.

Allow the leather cleaner to dry into the surface of the pebbled leather. Wait about five minutes and then wipe away any excess leather cleaner. Polish the leather with a soft, dry cloth.

Apply a quality leather conditioner to a dampened cloth. Wipe the leather conditioner into the pebbled leather to soften and protect it. Make sure the leather conditioner you use is designed for textured leather products.

Use a quality leather waterproofing agent on the pebbled leather, especially if you will be wearing the leather item outdoors in inclement weather. Rub the waterproofing agent into the leather thoroughly, allow it to dry and then wipe away any excess.