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How to Connect Surround Sound to an Xbox

Updated February 21, 2017

The Microsoft Xbox gaming system connects to audio-video equipment with an RGB component video cable and two audio cables, all colour coded for quick connections. Hooking up the Xbox to a surround sound system adds an exciting new dimension to the gaming experience with multichannel audio surrounding the player. The cable that comes with the Xbox system can connect directly to a set of five input jacks on your surround sound receiver.

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  1. Unplug the Xbox power cord and turn off the surround sound receiver.

  2. Push in the multiplug on one end of the Xbox cable into the port on the back of the gaming console.

  3. Insert the red, green and blue video plugs on the other end of the cable into the set of video input jacks on the back of the surround sound receiver. Match the colours on the plugs to the jacks.

  4. Connect the white and red plugs on the Xbox cable to the left and right audio input jacks on the back of the surround sound receiver that are paired with the video jacks used in Step 3. Any available set of five inputs (three video and two audio) can be used for this connection; just make a mental note of which labelled jacks are used, such as "Auxiliary."

  5. Turn on the surround sound receiver and press the "SURR" button or similar wording on the remote control. The button activates the surround sound circuits to hear multichannel audio from Xbox game discs recorded in surround sound. Press the button on the remote that corresponds to the set of AV jacks connecting the receiver to the Xbox, for example, "Auxiliary."

  6. Warning

    Connect AV cables before turning on the electronic equipment.

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