How to Defeat the Governor on "EZ-Go Golf Cart"

golf cart image by Earl Robbins from

Golf carts are among the most recognisable features on most golf courses and can be seen on large estates, at malls and at parks. Manufacturers generally restrict the widely used "EZ-Go Golf Cart" to about 10 to 15mph, but owners are always looking for ways to make them faster.

One way to increase the speed is by adjusting and defeating the speed restrictions on the governor within the engine.

Open the seat of the EZ-Go cart to access the engine.

Locate the T-shaped metal rod coming from the carburettor and parallel to the acceleration system. This is the governor and is usually near the top of the engine and in the centre of the seats. The carburettor is a cylindrical tube with smaller valves coming from the sides and top, and is generally right next to the T-shaped governor.

Use a rubber band or a piece of duct tape to hold the governor down to the acceleration mechanism, securing it down so that it does not pop back up. Use both to fasten the item more securely.