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How to Reset the Service Reminder on a John Deere Lawn Tractor

Updated February 21, 2017

Unlike automobiles, which alert you that service is necessary after a certain amount of miles, John Deere lawn tractors alert you about upcoming service after the engine has been in use for a certain amount of time. The indicator turns on a certain amount of engine time before the required service time and turns off after that same amount of time has passed after the interval. The length of time varies by model. However, there is no way to manually turn off, or reset, the service reminder. It turns off automatically. There are ways to use the indicator to monitor and prepare for upcoming service needs to keep your tractor running longer.

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  1. Look at the hour meter. If an arrow with "SVC" has appeared in the lower left-hand corner, pointing to the left, the computer is alerting you that engine service will be necessary soon. A similar arrow will appear in the lower right-hand corner, pointing to the right, if mower deck service is necessary soon. Depending on your tractor model, the hourglass will appear either 30 minutes or one hour before the necessary service time. Both the engine and mower deck service reminders will activate after 100 hours of use.

  2. Service the engine and/or mower deck as described in the owner's manual specific to your tractor model. Specific items needed at each interval will vary by model, but a left arrow usually means that your engine needs lubrication.

  3. Review your owner's manual regularly to make sure that you are keeping up with your tractor's maintenance needs. In situations where the tractor only gets infrequent use, you may need to provide lubrication more regularly.

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