My Hotpoint Washer/Dryer Is Not Drying

Hotpoint manufactures combination washer/dryers for sale in the United Kingdom. The washer/dryer performs both tasks in a single unit. The machines are popular in Europe because of limited available space in many homes. Problems relating to the machines not drying often have to do with the size of the load. More importantly, bear in mind that the machines use cold water to condense moisture.

Check that the Hotpoint is plugged into the household power outlet if the machine will nor start. Press the Start/Cancel button and keep it pushed in for a few seconds until the machine starts.

Verify that the Hotpoint washer/dryer combo is connected to the cold water inlet in two places. The washer needs cold water to wash and the dryer needs cold water to dry by condensing moisture extracted from the load in the drying cycle. Look for a Y adaptor. The cold water inlet should go to the Y and the Y should distribute the cold water to two locations on the back of the machine.

Turn on the cold water tap if the machine isn't drying.

Unkink the drain hose if you run into drying problems. Condensed water is expelled through the drain.

Reduce the size of the load if the machine isn't drying properly. The load can be too large for the spin cycle to remove residual water after the wash, and also too large for the condensing functionality to work.

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