How to design a cereal box online

the breakfast image by Igor Shootov from

According to the website Mr. Breakfast, a study done by consumer research firm NPD Group in 2007 reported that cold cereal was the second-most common choice for a breakfast food, after coffee. Cereal boxes come in every design and colour, and have featured characters ranging from E.T. to Shrek.

A custom-designed cereal box is simple to create and can be given as a gift or simply placed on the breakfast table as a surprise. You can also use custom-designed cereal boxes as an advertising tool or employee giveaway.

Decide what you want the theme of your cereal box to be. Choose a "this is your life" theme, a box that depicts family and friends, or a special event (such as wedding moments, if the box is an anniversary gift), or go with elements that reflect the recipient's hobbies, such as gardening or fishing.

Sketch out your design, adding boxes where you want photos or drawings to be included and writing text in where you desire it to appear. Remember that some companies offer four sides of the box to cover, as well as the top and bottom.

Choose a photo of the person who will receive the cereal box. Add a photo of a pet, an original sketch, or anything else that reflects your theme.

Scan or download your photos, making sure to save them in JPEG format. Give each file a name so that you can find it again easily when you are designing your cereal box online.

Create a cereal box for free at the website Mr. Breakfast. You can add a picture and a person or company's name to their template, then print it out and cut along the pattern they provide.

Order cereal boxes from a custom-made cereal box company. For a fee, these companies will assemble the boxes and fill them with cereal for you.

Advertise on your own company cereal box by ordering them in bulk. Bulk cereal box printers generally require a minimum number of boxes to be purchased.