How to repair a toilet tank lid

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Ceramic toilet tank lids can break, crack or chip with age or wear and tear. Ceramic glue seals cracks or breaks in a toilet tank lid for a temporary fix before purchasing a new lid. Repairing one large break in a lid with ceramic glue is often undetectable though reattaching many small pieces may be visible.

When removing the tank lid to make repairs, place it on a towel on a solid surface to prevent accidental breaks from contact with a hard surface.

Remove the broken toilet tank lid. Place it upside down on the bath towel on top of a table or counter top to protect pieces from banging together and potentially causing more damage to the lid.

Arrange the broken pieces so that they fit together. Start on the left side and arrange each piece, moving right, until they all fit together as they had before. Seal a crack in a toilet tank lid with an application of ceramic glue inside the crack.

Pull the piece farthest to the left away from the lid. Squirt ceramic glue on the left piece along the break line and set it on the towel. Take the next piece moving to the right and press it onto the first piece.

Hold the pieces in place about three minutes for the glue to start bonding while they rest flat on the towel. Put the left hand on the left piece and the right hand on the right piece and press them together.

Attach each piece with ceramic glue in the same manner moving from left to right.

Leave all pieces on the towel to dry for 24 hours. Place the toilet tank lid back on the tank.

Fill any sharp edges on either side of the tank with glue to keep sharp edges from scratching hands. Squirt enough glue to fill the crack until it is level with the surface. Use a small paintbrush to work the glue into the cracks and leave a smooth finish across the top.

Wipe any excess glue off the top of the tank lid with a wet cloth. Excess glue on the inside of the lid will not be visible unless the lid is removed.