How to Break a Mirror for Mosaics

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Mosaic furniture and decorations look beautiful but can be very expensive in stores. All you need to make your own mirror mosaic are some broken pieces of mirror, glue and something to add your mosaic to. When you're breaking a mirror to use for a mosaic, worrying about bad luck may not be an issue, but worrying about safety is. Take precautions when working with broken glass to make sure you get the results you want without getting injured.

Place the mirror you want to break inside of a cloth, which can be a pillowcase, a bed sheet or even a thin towel. This will protect you from any flying glass shards while you are breaking the glass.

Protect yourself. Put on goggles and gloves to ensure you don't get injured if any broken mirror pieces manage to go astray.

Hit the mirror with a hammer while it is inside the cloth. Break the glass until the pieces are about the size and shape you want them to be. Tap the mirror gently; it won't take much to break the glass. Hitting the glass too hard will just result in a mess.

Remove the mirror glass from the cloth and proceed to make your mosaic.

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