Homemade Scary Clown Costumes

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Clowns are supposed to be fun. They are a big part of the circus and a memory that many kids take with them into adulthood. Some people are afraid of clowns, even if the clown doesn't look scary. For those with this fear, a clown doesn't need to look particularly frightening to be scary. If you want to take this fear a little further for Halloween and be a clown that truly is scary, you can use items from around the house to make the perfect scary clown costume.

Find the brightest clothes possible. Mismatch the outfit for the best effect. If you don't have bright clothes, you can go with a darker look, but be sure to mismatch the outfit. The brighter look tends to work better for a scary clown because bright colours contrast the scary make-up.

Draw a large outline around your mouth with eyeliner and colour it in with dark red lipstick. Draw a circle around each eye with the eyeliner and colour the circles black, all the way to the edges of your eyes.

Add some orange and green food colouring to standard white clown base. Stir in some oats into the make-up to give it texture. The tannish colour produced by the food colouring and the texture of the oats will give your white clown make-up the appearance of rotting skin. Smear this all over your face where there are no designs. You can use this same mixture on your hands.

Pull pieces of your hair up as far as you can and hairspray them into place. Make sure the hair is sprayed in different directions to heighten the fright look. If your hair isn't long enough, you can use a black Halloween wig, but most hair can be teased up and held in place with copious hairspray.

Pull on a pair of boots or sneakers, whichever you have available. If you have an old hat lying around, use that as well. Top off the face paint with a little fake blood on each corner of the mouth and some dripping down your chin for a carnival clown nobody will want to see coming his way.

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