How to make a "round the twist" quilt pattern

A Round the Twist quilt uses two different blocks to give the effect of twisted fabric lines. The first block is a snowball block and the second is an interlocking square. Neither block is difficult to make, even for the least-experienced quilter.

While there is one base colour to this quilt, such as white, this is the perfect quilt to use up a lot of fabric scraps you may have around your sewing room.

Make the pattern for the snowball block by drawing a 10-inch square on graph paper. Measure two inches along the sides of the square from each corner and place a dot with your pencil. Draw a straight line from dot to dot at each corner forming a triangle.

Cut out the triangles and the remaining centre piece. Cut out four triangles and one centre piece for each block. Cut out 21 white centre pieces and 82 assorted print triangles of fabric to make 21 blocks.

Sew four of the triangles to each centre piece. Iron all the seams flat.

Trim all the block to measure nine inches square.

Create a pattern for the interlocking square block by drawing a 10-inch square on graph paper. Measure two inches in from the sides and draw a smaller centre square. Use the ruler to draw straight lines two inches from the outside edge of the block on opposite sides, giving you two long strips and two shorter strips.

Cut out the pattern pieces.

Use white fabric to cut out 21 centre squares and the assorted prints to cut out 42 long strips and 42 short strips.

Sew the two short strips to the blocks first and then add the two long strips. Iron all the seams flat.

Trim all the blocks to measure nine inches square.

Sew the blocks together, alternating a snowball and an interlocking square block. Sew six blocks together to make a row. Make seven rows and sew them together to make the top.

Lay your backing fabric on a large, flat surface, such as a clean floor, and top with the quilt batting and the quilt top. Start in the middle of the quilt and work your way to the edges using safety pins to hold the layers together.

Tie the quilt at the safety pins using embroidery thread and a needle. Insert the needle and thread through all the layers and tie a double knot on the quilt top side. Remove the safety pins as you work.

Turn the raw edges to the inside of the quilt. Use straight pins to hold the fabric in place and sew all the way around the edges to finish your Round the Twist quilt.