How to kill & get rid of maggots

kettle and red teapot image by Maria Brzostowska from

Maggots are fly larvae that grow in heavily infested insect areas. These maggots, like their fly counterpart, are flesh eaters that can be found feeding on pets, livestock and even people, according to the How to Get Rid of Things website.

Once the maggots are about 6mm long, they will transform into houseflies and become even bigger pests. Getting rid of and killing maggots and houseflies can help your home become a clean and healthy living environment.

Heat up some tap water in a pot. Throw the water on the maggots. The water will singe and kill the maggots.

Place the maggots in a sealed food container. Put the container in a freezer and the maggots will freeze to death.

Use permethrin products. Permethrin is the chemical in many common insectides. These products can help kill and get rid of future maggots.

Pour brake fluid or gasoline on the maggots, if all else fails. They will die instantly.

Clean your kitchen. Dispose of rotten food and leftover meat products. Wash and empty your dustbin frequently to prevent future maggots.

Kill flies. Since maggots are the offspring of houseflies, killing houseflies with a fly swatter will help prevent maggots from forming.