What Stores Sell Borax?

half laundry basket image by Snowball from Fotolia.com

Borax is a common household cleaning agent made of the chemical compound sodium tetraborate decahydrate. It is most commonly used as an aid in cleaning and stain removal in laundry and carpets, though some also use it to rid a house of fleas by applying a borax solution to the carpet.

According the Borax website, in the distant past "Borax was proclaimed to be a magical crystal and was used [as a folk remedy] to aid digestion, keep milk sweet and even cure epilepsy." Borax can be found at most major retail and grocery stores.

Retail Stores

Major retail outlets such as Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens Kmart, CVS and Rite Aid are listed as Borax distributors. Call your local store to find out if they have any on their shelves, or stop in and ask. Most often Borax is sold on the aisle with other laundry products, like detergent and fabric softeners.

Grocery Stores

Many major and smaller grocery chains also carry Borax. Safeway, Kroger, Food Lion, Meijer, Giant Eagle and Winn Dixie are among many of the larger grocery distributors of the product. Contact your local store to find out if they stock Borax on their shelves.

More Resources

A complete list of Borax distributors can be found on the Borax website. The list includes a link to store locator websites for each chain that sells Borax. The list does not include any independent stores that sell Borax. To find independent stores that sell Borax, you will need to call the specific store and ask if they carry it.