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How to Auto Fill in Access

When you enter data in a form in Access, you can automatically auto fill certain fields to make the data entry faster. The Auto Fill feature in Access allows you to automatically fill in fields based upon the previous record or information already entered in your database. For instance, if you enter a student's name, their course list will automatically fill in. Auto fill a single field in Access or do it with multiple fields as needed. There is no limit to the number of fields you can auto fill on a form in an Access database.

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  1. Open an Access database, select "Queries" from the main database window and select "New."

  2. Choose "Design View" and select the table or tables containing the fields you want to auto fill in your Access form.

  3. Add the fields from each table that you want to base your auto fill on. For instance, if you want to auto fill an address based upon the person entered into the form, add the person's name and the person's address fields.

  4. Create a relationship between the tables if you're adding multiple tables,
    For instance, if you have a person's name and address in one table and you also want to fill in the person's job title and employer's address, you would create a relationship between the person's name in each table. Drag the name from one table to the corresponding name field in the second table to create the relationship. Save your query.

  5. Select "Forms" from the main database window. Choose "New" and select "Form Wizard."

  6. Select the query you just created from the drop-down list to base your form on.

  7. Add the fields you want to include. You can edit the form again later in Design View.

  8. Choose to view your form once you've created it.

  9. Enter your new record information into your first field. The rest of the fields should populate automatically if the first field already exists in your table. For instance, if you entered the name of a person who already exists in your table, all information about the person would appear in your form. If the person doesn't exist, no fields will be populated.

  10. Tip

    Auto fill as many fields as possible. You can then tab through the fields and change just the information you need.


    If you enter a completely new record, auto fill will not work until you fill out the form the first time. For instance, if the name Dave does not exist in your table, you must fill out the blank form the first time. The next time you enter the name Dave, your form will auto fill.

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