How to Paint Plastic Planters

planters image by Paula Gent from

Plastic planters are an excellent economical choice for patio plants, house plants, and even container vegetable or herb gardens. Unfortunately, the colour selection available leaves much to be desired. But, fortunately, plastic planters can be easily painted any colour you like in as little as a few minutes for spraying a small pot. You can even mix a little sand into the paint or roll the plastic planter in sand in between coats to add a quick, attractive and simple texture.

Clean the plastic planter by hosing it off with water, using a garden sprayer or scrubbing the planter with a scrub brush dipped in warm water and dish detergent. All bits of dirt need to be washed off prior to painting to prevent spotting, chipping or peeling paint.

Select the type of paint and texture for the plastic planters. There are spray paints created to "fuse" with plastic as well as texture kits to create the look of rust, bronze, copper, silver, gold, and textured colours. Acrylic, latex or oil-based paints can be used as well.

Add texture by adding sand to the paint or to the wet paint on the plastic planter. Latex or oil paints can have sand added to the paint in a cup before the painting process begins or dusted on the first paint layer before it dries.

Paint images or borders on the plastic planter with artist's paint brushes. Or add a design using a stencil and sponge or spray paint or a small handheld spray gun.

Spray or paint a clear coat paint sealer on the plastic planter. This coat will protect the paint and any designs, stencilling, or images on the planter.

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