How to block a telephone number

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The major telephone providers offer a call-blocking service that blocks phone calls from up to 10 numbers that a user adds to their block list. Call blocking prevents unwanted phone calls to your home phone. When blocked callers attempt to place a call to your phone, they receive a recording instead. AT&T calls the service "Call Blocker;" Verizon calls the service "Call Block;" and Qwest calls the service "Call Rejection." Although each provider calls the service by a different name, it works the same way and you will follow the same general procedure when using your call-blocking service.

Dial *60 to set up your call block list. In some locations, you must press "3" to turn the service on or off.

Follow the recorded instructions to enter telephone numbers you want to block.

Listen to the instructions for options to add the last number that called you or to remove a number from the block list.

Dial *80 to temporarily turn off your call-blocking service.

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