How to Find Your Friend's Yahoo Email Address

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Yahoo! maintains one of the largest e-mail services online. With millions of e-mail addresses assigned to users, Yahoo! may be a service that maintains an e-mail account for a friend or family member. You can look up e-mail address assigned to Yahoo! members by first and last name. As long as that friend registered with their complete full first and last name and hasn't closed their account, looking up their Yahoo! e-mail address can be accomplished. Yahoo! People Search is powered by the third-party Intelius.

Go to Yahoo! People Search ( This is Web page specifically designed to find people through internet searches.

Enter in your friend's first and last name in the corresponding fields under "Email Search."

Press the "Search" button.

Browse the results. Yahoo! will list five free results. If none of those seem like the right e-mail address, press "More."

Browse these results. Part of the e-mail address is hidden, but the location that the person registered the e-mail address in is listed next to each Yahoo! e-mail address. If you see an e-mail address that seems as though it might be registered to your friend, you will have to purchase the search report from Intelius.

Pay £1.20 (as of 2010) to Intelius to get the complete list of results for Yahoo! e-mail addresses registered to that first and last name. The report will have the complete e-mail address and location listed. You will then be required to register for an Intelius account and enter in your credit or debit card information to process payment. Then you will be able to see the e-mail address report.

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