How to make your own free word scramble

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Help students improve reading, vocabulary and spelling skills by creating a word scramble. Word scrambles jumble the letters of key words. By rearranging the letters, students identify the correct word. Spelling and vocabulary word lists become a fun challenge when presented in the form of a word scramble.

A number of online sources allow you to create your own custom word scrambles for free.

Make a basic, printable word scramble at the TeAch-nology website. This online teacher resource has a free word scramble creator that allows you to create a simple word scramble. It produces both the word scramble page and a separate answer key page.

Create a word scramble with instructions at The Teacher’s Corner website. Their Word Scramble Maker includes the ability to add custom instructions to your scramble, choose between several fonts and the option of changing the case style of the words in your list. You can choose whether you want to generate an answer key page for your scramble.

Visit the Armored Penguin website to make a word scramble with a variety of formatting options including the colour of the text, the colour of the background and the font. With this word scramble creator, the scramble appears online, and students can enter and check results on the page. You can also create a PDF version of the word scramble for printing. This web page makes all puzzles publicly available for two months.