How to Download Music to iPod Classic 80GB

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The iPod Classic is one of many editions in the iPod family. The Classic editions of iPod can be distinguished by a click wheel, unlike the Touch--which lacks a physical wheel, and is wider than smaller editions like the Nano, Mini and Shuffle. The iPod Classic 80GB player can accept audio, video, and image files. You can download media like music tracks to the device using the iTunes software.

Launch iTunes. (You can download iTunes from Then follow the installation and set-up prompts.)

Connect your iPod Classic 80GB player to your computer using the USB sync cable. The larger end of the cable needs to be inserted into the bottom of the iPod Classic. The smaller end can be inserted into your computer's USB port.

Wait for iTunes to recognise your device. Once the software detects your iPod Classic, it will list the device name (e.g., Will's iPod) under "Devices" in the left pane of the software interface.

Select your device name with your mouse in the left pane.

Create a new playlist. Select the "File" menu at the top of the interface. Then select "New Playlist." A new playlist will be added underneath your device name. You can rename the playlist by double-clicking on the playlist name and then typing in a new name (e.g., Hip-Hop).

Alternatively, if you already have a playlist that you want to save your music to, you can skip this step.

Select the playlist with your mouse. This will open the list and any contents into the middle pane.

Use your mouse to drag your music from your computer and drop it into the middle pane. Alternatively, if you purchased music from iTunes (see Tips), you can drag the song from the "Music" section of your iTunes Library, and drop it onto the playlist name (e.g., Hip-Hop) listed underneath the device.

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