How to Troubleshoot the Hotpoint WD420

Hotpoint’s WD420 is a 6-kilo washer-dryer combination sold in the United Kingdom under the Hotpoint Aquarius and Aquarius+ brand. The Aquarius+ version has an electronic control panel as opposed to a rotary dial-type panel on the Aquarius. Combination washer and dryer units have been popular in Europe, partly because they require less space than separate units. Troubleshooting can save the cost of a service call.

Verify that the Hotpoint WD420 is plugged into the wall if the machine won’t start. Press the Start/Cancel button for at least three seconds until the machine starts.

Shut the door firmly if lights illuminate on the control panel but the machine won’t start.

Examine the cold water inlet hoses and make sure that they are both connected to the cold water tap if there are problems drying. The machine uses cold water to condense moisture extracted from the load as part of its drying routine, so the “Y” piece connector must be there. Check the tap is turned on and that the hoses aren’t kinked or snagged--under the machine, for example.

Check that the drain hose isn’t kinked if there is a problem with draining or spinning during the first wash cycle after installation.

Tighten the cold water inlet hoses if the machine starts to leak. Check both ends and the “Y” piece.

Allow the machine to complete its full drying cycle if the load is warm at the end of the cycle. There is a 20-minute cool tumble at the end of the drying cycle.

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