How to Write to British Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

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Writing to soldiers is a task that many citizens undertake to show appreciation and support to troops abroad. The problem with sending out letters without specific names on them is that many of the letters never arrive to soldiers because they are returned to the sender. Fortunately, there are ways to write and send letters to the British soldiers without worrying about finding the name of specific soldiers.

Sign up as an online pen pal to soldiers. There are sites, such as Forces Pen Pals, available to write the soldiers over the Internet. This not only allows for writing and encouraging troops at the war zones, but it is a way to send letters that will arrive quickly to the soldiers.

Write a handwritten letter. Letters written by hand are personal and thoughtful. For those with hard to read handwriting, type the letter and sign it by hand instead.

Write as though writing to a friend abroad. Writing letters to the British soldiers can be tough at first, so write like it's a letter to a friend. That makes the letter personal and it is easier to write.

Send the letter through the British mailing system. For letters sent outside of Britain, it is important to make sure the letter makes it into the British mail system. Otherwise it will be sent to solders that are not in the British military. This can be done by including a British Forces Post Office number of the solder, which gets the letter into the British Forces mail system and sending it through international mail. Make sure to write the return address on the back of the envelope and the mailing address on the front.

Obtain the BFPO, or British Forces Post Office, number for the soldier. Unlike the American system, where letters are often sent though charity organisations, the British soldiers will receive letters only if the BFPO number is included on the address. BFPO numbers can be obtained through friends and family of soldiers or by requesting the BFPO number of soldiers that are pen pals online.

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