How to Address a Letter to a Brigadier General

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An important skill for letter writers is etiquette. Providing the correct form of address when writing a letter to someone with a title or rank, is crucial to ensure that the letter receives the correct attention, or indeed even reaches the recipient.

While "sir" generally suffices in spoken address within military circles, commissioned military personnel should be addressed by their correct rank in written communications. The form of address for a brigadier general differs from the addressing of the letter to the greeting.

Include the recipient's address on the left hand side of the letter. In the case of a brigadier general serving in the United States army, the correct form of address is Brig. Gen.(name), U.S. Army.

Complete the rest of the address. Write the brigadier general's title/position below. For example; "Commanding Officer, Fort Richardson, AK." Write the postal address.

Write your greetings to the brigadier general. In this case you can leave out their name and full title abbreviating to: Dear General (surname.)