How to address an envelope to Germany

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Addressing an envelope to an international destination is different from sending one inside the UK. Not only is the address written in another language, part of the address format is also reversed. However, the recipient and sender addresses are typically placed in approximately the same areas as UK addresses, so the process isn't entirely unfamiliar.

House or business address

Write out "Herr" for Mr and/or "Frau" for Mrs or Ms on the top line.

Place the recipient's name on the second line, under "Herr" and/or "Frau."

Write the company name or institution under the recipient's name, if applicable.

Put the street address on the next line. It should be the street name first, then the house number.

Skip a line before continuing.

Write out the postcode as the next line, after the space, followed by the town or city name.

Place "Germany" as the last line to represent the country.

Post office box address

Write out the company or recipient's name as the first line.

Place the term "Postfach" and then its number, directly after it. Postfach is Germany's version of a Post Office box.

Put the postcode followed by the city or town name on the next line.

Write out "Germany" under the postcode and city name.

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