Troubleshooting Rear Wiper Problems for a Honda Civic

A rear wiper on your Honda Civic can be absolutely vital to your safety on the road under a variety of circumstances. Unfortunately, a rear wiper is like any other component on your car: It is possible that your rear wiper can fail. If you have a Honda Civic hatchback and your rear wiper is not working correctly, troubleshoot the matter to determine what the problem is as soon as possible. You will want to make sure you can fix it before you find yourself driving in adverse weather.

Replace the fuse for the wipers if the rear wiper fails to operate at all. Refer to your owners manual to determine which fuse controls your rear wiper in your specific Civic.

Ensure that your battery is fully charged if the wiper works slowly.

Open the Civic's rear hatch and remove the trim panel on the inside of the hatch. Pull off the cover for the retaining nut, then remove the nut itself. Check for voltage at the wiper motor; if the motor has no voltage, remove it and replace it.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the motor if it has voltage. Remove the wiper arm. Pull out the mounting bolts for the motor. Operate the rear wiper assembly by hand and ensure that it is not binding or catching on anything. Lubricate or repair the linkage if it appears to be working roughly or is broken.

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