How to Decorate an Office Desk With Balloons

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Balloons tend to signify celebrations and are often included in the decorations for happy occasions. Decorate the office desk of a co-worker with balloons to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, promotion, retirement, upcoming wedding or even an expected baby. The balloons can bring a festive mood to the office and showcase a special occasion for the recipient. Celebratory balloon decorations should not interfere with work. The arrangement, colour and number of balloons should be determined by the recipient's personality, her desk space and the occasion.

Choose a combination of colourful latex balloons and Mylar balloons based on the occasion for which you're decorating or the recipient's favourite colours. Mylar balloons have specific designs or wording that help denote what the balloons are for, such as "Happy Birthday," "Congratulations" or "It's a boy."

Blow up the balloons with helium so they'll float above the workspace of the desk. Use a group of three to five balloons for smaller desks or if you plan to put a grouping on each side of the desk. Tie a knot at the base of the balloon to trap the helium inside and provide a space for a ribbon.

Cut a ribbon for each balloon. The ribbons should be different lengths to create varying heights for the balloons to rest. Make the ribbons at least 2 to 5 feet each.

Tie one end of each ribbon to a balloon. Use ribbon that matches the balloon colours or complements the balloons. Tie the other end of the ribbon to a weighted item, such as a balloon weight, a mug, a flat-screen monitor stand, a vase or a gift bag that has something somewhat heavy in it. If you want to use more than one bunch of balloons, place one on each of the back corners of the desk to keep them out of the work space.

Add shorter pieces of ribbon to the balloon knot if you want curling ribbon to hang down from the balloons for extra decoration.

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