How to Machine Clean Golf Shoes

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Golf shoes receive a lot of wear and tear while you are on the golf course, collecting dirt on the exterior, and perspiration and odour on the inside of the shoes. The fastest way to clean the shoes, requiring little work on your part, is to simply toss the golf shoes in the washing machine. Before machine washing the shoes, however, read the care instructions label on the inside of the shoes to make sure the shoes are machine washable.

Brush any built-up dirt out of the shoe soles with an old toothbrush.

Remove the laces from the golf shoes. Place both the shoes and laces in the washing machine.

Pour a mild washing powder into the washing machine, using the recommended amount for your wash load size. (Read the product label on the container.)

Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the washing machine, as well. This will add an extra cleaning element, plus deodorise the shoes, eliminating any perspiration odour.

Turn on the washing machine, using a small load size and cold water. Let the machine run its course.

Remove the shoes from the washing machine, and stuff a handful of paper towels into the toe of each shoe. Allow the shoes to air dry. The paper towels will help the golf shoes keep their shape while drying.

Lay the shoe laces flat to air dry as well. Lace them back into the shoes with both the laces and shoes have dried fully.

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